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EMDR Consultation to get you

*IF certification is your goal

EMDR is having a moment! It is an incredibly in-demand and powerful therapeutic tool. This is very exciting if you like to help people with their trauma.

Unfortunately, this EMDR moment ALSO means that, a lot of therapists got excited to train in EMDR, and then when it was time to use EMDR, they get scared or stuck.

Were you one of those therapists?

Don’t let this happen (or keep happening) to you!

It takes real time and money to get EMDR-trained. Take your valuable skills off the shelf and get them into the therapy room!

If you’re struggling with implementation, with setting up the business model, with getting clients’ buy-in on the process, with knowing when clients need talk therapy, or how to bring in more of the client’s resources into the therapy room, this is the place to get those questions answered!

Come to EMDR Consultation with Me!

I’ve set up our EMDR consultation as an open drop-in model. 


Come whenever you need, and come back whenever you're ready. I specialize in 3 things: 

1) Showing you the expansive view of all the resources available to you and your client to improve outcomes,

2) Getting you the confidence to experiment in the therapy room, and 

3) Autonomy: I’ll help you remember that YOU are the boss of your treatment approach.

Andreana Mabry, M.S., LMFT
Andreana Mabry, M.S., LMFTEMDRIA-Certified EMDR ProviderEMDRIA Approved Consultant

Protocols are important, and we will explore and follow them, but we’re also going to help you develop your own style in the therapy room to address the real world and your real clients.

Does getting some additional consultation sound good to you? Great! You can drop in whenever you like! 

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